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In addition to our distribution and label

services, Chestnut St. Music offers our

artists access to our private recording studio.


Lauten Atlantis

Cascade Fathead (2)

UT Twin87 (2)

UT Fet47

Lauten LS-308

Lauten LA-220 (2)


Astatic JT-30

Shure Bros. Model 51

Shure SM58

Blue Encore 100i (4)

Shure SM7b

Sennheiser E609 (3)

DIY Subkick

Rhode NTG3

TwoNotes Captor 8 (2)

Radial Pro DI (2)


Whirlwind PCDI

Studio Projects C2 Pair




36 Channel Soundcraft Sapphyre (Modded)

16 Channel Soundcraft Ghost (Modded)

Focusrite Red 8 Line Converters

Tascam ML32D Dante Converters

Focal Twin6b Monitors

Tascam MS-16 1" 16 Track Tape Machine

Tascam 1/4" 2 Track Tape Machine

Otari 1/4" 2 Track Tape Machine

Teac 1/4" 2 Track Tape Machine

Furman HR-6 Monitor Stations (4)

2023 Mac Studio

2023 Mac Mini

Avid Protool Studio

PreSonus Studio One 4 Pro

Yamaha TIO1608-d Dante Snake


Outboard Equipment

Heritage HA-73eq

Toft ATC-2

UA LA610-Mk2

UA 4710-D

SansAmp GED-2112

Hairball 1176

LA3A (2)

DIYRe G Buss Compressor

DBX160x (2)

Yamaha Rev 5

Pioneer SR-202W

SurfyBear Studio Spring Reverb

TC Electronic Intonator


EchoFix EFx2 Tape Delay

Focusrite OctoPre Mk2

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 5.16.16 PM.png

​Guitar Amps and Cabinets

Friedman Dirty Shirley Head

1963 Fender Bassman (6G6B) and Cabinet

Fender Blues Jr. 

Marshall DSL 15 Head

Fender Supersonic 60 Combo

Fender Supersonic 60 Head

Crate DXJ112

Fender Super 112

Amplified Nation Wonderland Overdrive

Custom Oversized 2x12 Cabinet

Custom Crate V212T Cabinet

Fryette Power Station

Pignose 5 watt Travel Amp

Mesa Oversized 4x12


Bass Amps

1978 Ampeg B15n

Ampeg V4B

Ampeg SVT + 8x10 (on loan)

GK 1x15 Loaded with a Celestion Pulse 15

Ampeg 2x12



1992 Fender Telecaster Plus

2010 Gibson Les Paul (modified)

Ibanez AF85

Ibanez Zebrawood Acoustic

1962 Gibson CS1

Epiphone Firebird VII 

Gretsch Vintage Select Duo Jet

Fender Bass VI


Hammond L100

Korg SV1-73

Casio SK1

Yamaha YPG-625

Story & Clark Pump Organ

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